“Hello, and welcome to Anime For Dummies, where we look at good anime, bad anime, little-known anime, and anime so popular; you just want to see it die.”

It’s been nearly five years since I first uttered those words. Five years of looking at the best and worst that anime has to offer. It’s been a long journey, filled with insightful looks at some of the most unique and unusual shows from the land of the rising sun, as well as interviews, con reports, good friends and partners, and just some random nonsense. I’ve had a lot of fun, had a lot of laughs, and enjoyed the company of my fellow reviewers, as well as my fans, whom I’ve loved and cherished over the years. It’s been a good run . . . and I’m sad to see it end.

So, why am I ending the show? Well, I had be contemplating ending Anime For Dummies since my 100th episode. It had been a lot of fun, and a great way to practice my writing skills through college, but I’m not in college anymore. I’m a 26 year old teacher who really shouldn’t be spending his free time on the internet talking about all the reasons Bandai screwed up the anime industry.

Even though I have a lot to say on the matter.

Also, and I guess you probably might have noticed this, I was starting to, well, run out of steam. After working so long, reviewing so many different series, there comes a time when you just run out of things to talk about. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are new and amazing shows coming from Japan every season, and I am in no way saying that the anime industry is on some sort of downturn. I’m just saying that my passion was to educate fans about the anime of my generation: the Cowboy Bebops, the Big Os, the Gurren Laganns, the Tenchi Muyos and, of course, the Mobile Suit Gundams, and I think I’ve accomplished that. As for what’s ahead, well, I think you can handle things from here.

I remember when I first started my own little journey with all of you. I never really thought it would go this far. I honestly thought I would get bored with it by episode ten, but then I met some good friends who supported me, and urged me to keep going. It was their creative and drive which inspired me to keep working at this, to put out more episodes, to go to cons, interview people, and try and make myself look a bit more professional. There was also the fans who kept writing and e-mailing me. Telling me how much they loved my show, asking for me to review their favorites. I even had one fan who wrote a high school paper about me. That was . . . that was pretty cool.

Without any embellishment, it has been an absolute honor to have your attention these last few years. I will miss each and every one of you. Thank you for watching Anime For Dummies.